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Manifest with the Moon & Unlock the magic within.

What is Luna's Vault Academy about?

Luna's Vault Academy is your place to unlock your intuition, tap into your natural gifts and become the best version of yourself - releasing fear, doubt and stress which allows you to create more joy, peace and fulfillment in every aspect of your life.  

By the guiding rhythms of the moon, this community gathers in support to echo the cycles of womanhood, sharpen our feminine instincts, and manifest with the moon.

Luna's Vault Academy offers many keys with community support, celestial wisdom,  & personal guidance that empowers our goals in real-time & on your time.

Receive a unique perspective to soul's purpose & the steps for achievement. It’s time to tailor your life path around what’s important to you.

We provide you a map to uncover keys to the vault of personal strength and untapped universal knowledge:

🗝 A key to improve your strengths.
🗝 A key to achieve your goals & success.
🗝 A key to manage transition through life’s difficult changes.
🗝 A key to tailor your life path around what’s important to you.
🗝 A key to self-care & love.
🗝 A key to enjoy life.

Why you should join Manifest with the Moon Circle.

Check out the nourishment and support you receive each and every month inside Luna's Vault Academy and the Manifest with the Moon Circle Subscription.

Unique monthly topics using The Moon as a sacred timekeeper ~ we tap into the universal energy available to everyone, allowing more flow and alignment into our lives. The intuitively chosen topics range from playful to serious and provide a space for personal growth and freedom. You will find it easy and fun to create your intentions with soul-stirring images and thought-provoking content provided for you. 

Divine Art Alchemy 🌑  This gathering creates the physical manifestation of your dreams and intentions held within sacred space inside your vision journal. A visual representation to map out our dreams, goals, and inspirations. Find your own images or connect with provided images to help jumpstart your masterpiece. This monthly new moon event stimulates our social connections and maps our plans for the month.

Weekly Moon Chats and Interaction ~ A virtual check-in provides a key to unlock your potential. A time to explore, upgrade and transform old beliefs that keep you tired, burnout, or stuck in an overwhelmed reality. We carve out sacred space each week, for 30 minutes, to check in with our intentions, fill our cup with loving support, encouragement, and celebrate our achievements. 

🌓 1st Quarter Moon we play Esoteric Truth or Dare. This is the time to choose your journey of exploration. 

🌕 Full Moon Rituals are a way to discover an intuitively chosen ritual or learn a new modality. 

🌗 Last Quarter Chats offer a time to reflect on our months' journey and share our experiences to receive community support. 

Imagine the experience of an entire community cheering you on, encouraging you to step into the life of your dreams.

We’ve been waiting for each other and it’s no coincidence you’re reading this now.

Work at your own pace, in your own time, or join us in the real-time events as we support, guide, and nurture each other's journey.

Why I want this.

🌙 I am ready for next-level manifesting.

🌙 I love to create.

🌙 I am looking for community.

🌙 I am ready to uncover souls' purpose but unsure where to start or how to expand my vision.

🌙 I am someone that wants to be more, do more, & achieve more.

🌙 I am ready to upgrade my life experience.

🌙 I am ready to clarify my thoughts & personal issues.

🌙 I am ready to release my struggle with guilt, resentment, & insecurities that are preventing me from moving forward.

🌙 I am tired of feeling overwhelmed, stressed & disillusioned with life, and excited to have more balance in my life. 

If you affirmed any of these… this is for you!

See what others say about Luna's Vault Academy

  • I think Luna's Vault Academy is fantastic. I think it's the BEST I have ever seen. It's also very enticing and complete. I highly recommend Luna's Vault Academy.     --Torry F. - NY

  • My favorite aspect of Manifest with the Moon is I love having an understanding of what’s happing astro - how it connects to Chinese medicine and how my body is responding to nature, and it might explain & help me plan for doing or being - curious & interesting to connect all those things. Explains things that might be mysterious to me. --Tina K.

  • Luna's Vault is one of my favorite places to go where I can find a treasure trove of tools to reconnect with myself and manifest with the moon. Kat, Imber & Mo have created a safe space full of wisdom and tool kits where women can go for support and inner peace. Through the pandemic and hurricanes, Lunas Vault has been an anchor and a direct link to my sanity and stability. I feel so lucky to have found Luna's Vault. I am grateful for the growth that I have experienced and look forward to continuing this amazing inner work that feels like play!    --Jo B.  - Lillian, AL

  • Kathy led a fantastic vision board and headdress making session during our New Moon Goddess Retreat in the mountains of Costa Rica! She helped create a playful, comfortable, and fun environment for everyone to fully embrace their inner child while creating headdresses and vision boards! Kathy even brought her own gorgeous crystals and feathers to share with everyone during the headdress session! This was definitely my favorite session of the retreat!     --Christine L. - Atlanta, GA

  • My favorite aspect of Manifest with the Moon is Vision Journaling. Divine Art Alchemy brings me back to childhood, cutting pasting & loving life. I love the tarot. --Lamar B. 

  • My favorite aspect of Manifest with the Moon is being present with other souls & seeing each other. Being with people who are looking at each other's spirit & soul in a way that is different in other group settings. Listening to other people's journeys/stories of struggles & growth because it makes me feel less alone because I often go thru depressive phases where I feel disconnected & alone from everyone else on the planet.  --Michelle M. 

  • I really can’t believe I am writing this letter, but I felt the need to thank you for your assistance.  Although I originally approached the concept of spiritual toolboxes with a little skepticism, I like to pride myself as a person open to new concepts and ideas.  I have always had a problem controlling my weight.  Through your guidance, I found that what I was seeking was more control over my life and destiny, through self-control and determination.  You suggested the Willpower Toolbox, and I decided to go forward and embrace the concepts within.  Although I am not advocating the spiritual toolbox as a quick ‘fix’ for all problems in one's life, it clears and focuses the mind to be open to recognizing, and receiving the messages of the body.  I have currently lost approximately 50 pounds and feel better physically and emotionally every day.  As I continue in my journey, I realize that this is not some fad diet or new-age remedy, but rather a change in lifestyle that was awakened through the acceptance of the possibilities that could exist.  Thank you for helping to open my eyes to the internal power that we possess as individuals, and for providing the tools to guide me toward a healthier and more fulfilling life.     --Donna W. – Atlanta, GA

  • I have been creating vision boards at Kathy’s workshops for at least five years now. I find the experience to be relaxing and therapeutic. I enjoy the positive atmosphere and Kathy’s outlook on life! I would definitely recommend her vision board workshop!     --Amy M. - Lexington, KY

The creators of Luna's Vault Academy.

What happens when 3 empowered women from 3 totally different backgrounds, living in 3 different states come together to enhance, empower &  educate? MAGICK!


The power of 3! Our mission as Mystical Mentors; To bring together a mastermind group to Educate, Enhance & Empower within the souls' house and throughout the phases of life.

Imber, Ana & Kat share 20+ years of friendship and mutual respect for each other's knowledge and experiences. Their combined expertise birthed Luna’s Vault under a full moon to share their collective wisdom with the world, providing a support system to realign individuals with their light energy.

Kat = Kathy Marie Howell = The Connection Mentor. Kathy Marie is a lover of all things that bring better health, happiness, and prosperity into our lives. She specializes in bio-individuality™, recognizing that each of us has a unique lifestyle need ~ meaning no philosophy can give everyone the same results. Understanding the importance of foundational health, Kat is committed to sharing information that fuels and rejuvenates the body at the cellular level. Her passion for health and well-being led her to obtain her Reiki certification as well as become an integrative nutritional health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Throughout her life and career, she focuses on mindset, natural cycles of life, nature, and holistic health to manifest the life of her dreams. As a long-time business owner, she is thrilled to support the rise in women's leadership. Her mission is to help visionary women build rich, abundant, meaningful lives ~ look & feel fabulous, age confidently with ease & grace, welcoming change to enjoy a life they love.

We rely on Kat for innovation, creativity, persistence, and impeccable listening skills.

Ana = Mo = Ana Mony = Monique Ana Schaff.  Her childhood shaped her entire life’s journey. As a cult survivor and the eldest of 13 siblings, she searched for the meaning in life at an early age and found rebellion. This resistance began the adult journey to understanding herself, her soul's purpose, and the place for spirituality in her life. She holds a deep understanding of universal knowledge from past lives and our ancestors. She mastered ancient sacred practices such as reiki along with modern healing modalities like hypnosis and crystal healing. Today she heads Victory Garden Sanctuary, a nonprofit providing support for youth victims escaping cults and human trafficking through programs of interpersonal communication, vocational training, as well as traditional & alternative methods of therapy that transforms the individual into a happy, active, and responsible citizens of society. 

We rely on Monique for her unique high perception vision, deep soul searching and ambition to find a solution for those in need. 

Imber = Kim = Kimberly Tyler. She experienced a spiritual awakening at a young age that opened her to dimensions beyond what the human eye perceives. She became aware of the “Oneness” of the universe and the simple truth of manifestation through control of thoughts and energy. Since then, that awareness guided her choices throughout every stage of her life. She attained a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Zoology and enjoys a long career in animal health in the veterinary industry. She obtained certifications in aromatherapy, as a compassion fatigue educator, and as a life coach. Through private study, she learned to read tarot and oracle cards and study the ancient wisdom of past civilizations & their oral traditions. 

We rely on Imber for creating change in stagnant areas, connection, continued education, and maximizing any situation.

Luna’s Vault is the culmination of Kimberly, Monique & Kathy's years of personal journey into manifestation. They utilize the moon cycles to deliver tools to assist modern seekers to manifest their intentions and goals into reality. 

Luna's Vault. The name derived from the notion of the moon (aka Luna) being a shared human experience. Every person who has ever existed, no matter where on Earth, gazed at the moon and felt the influence of her cycles. 

Luna’s Vault taps into Universal wisdom and ancient practices and delivers tools to assist modern seekers in their journey of expansion.

Continue the journey of your soul purpose with the Cadre of Luna’s Vault to experience a soul community that supports your emotional healing and personal growth. 💓

FAQ's, like when, where & how much?

When does this happen?

A fresh theme to explore at every new moon 🌑 within the free Academy and the Manifest with the Moon Subscription. Hop in whenever you’re ready.

We manifest with the moon, so the days of the week vary for live events with the Subscription. All virtual live events occur prior to the peak of the 4 primary moon phases.

Reoccurring payments on the date of sign-up. 

Can I opt out of the paid subscription segment at any time?

Sure thing! You can opt-out of the paid subscription anytime and still be a part of the free portion of the Academy. You still receive nourishment to manifest your intentions and invitations to events. You can hop in and out of the paid subscription any month you want. 

How do I receive all the content?

A virtual-based membership portal allows you to experience in real-time or at your leisure. Share photos, videos, documents, links... everything you need at your fingertips. We highly recommend the phone app so you can always connect on the go. 

Moon Circle Payment Options

Annual subscription saves you $ OR toggle the tab to Pay by the Month. 

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